Sunday, June 20, 2010

Choosing right bedframe's head board

While every area in the home is important and needs attention to ensure
good Feng Shui practice, the bedroom is a good place to start. This
ancient Chinese philosophy of decorating and arranging a living space
o promote positive energies is designed to enhance the user’s life and
experiences. The bedroom plays prominently into this design philosophy,
as this is the room in which rest and relaxation are essential. Without
proper rest, the other elements of life are going to be difficult to maintain.
For this reason, it is important to choose the right Feng Shui bed for you,
your needs, and energy.

Let’s first take a look at the design of the Feng Shui bed headboard itself.
In Feng Shui it is recommended to choose a headboard that corresponds
with one of the five elements. They are fire, earth, metal, water, and wood.
In terms of the shape of the headboard, once again, it is wise to choose
according to your life and its needs. For example, a round shaped headboard
is usually used with the metal element and is an excellent choice for those
who work in an office or deal with a lot of paperwork on a regular basis.
Especially useful for people who are of the earth or wood elements, square
or rectangular headboards are best. Professionals of all types will be drawn
to these shapes as well as they offer support and promote a strong sense of
stability. Another type of Feng Shui headboard is the wave and oval shaped
headboards. Those of the water element will be right at home with these
shapes and very comfortable with the flowing design. People who are artists,
musicians, and of any creative profession will benefit from this type of headboard.
One kind of headboard that isn’t recommended for anyone is the angular style
headboard. It is associated with the fire element and not useful for promoting
rest. For the best results in choosing a Feng Shui headboard, an individual
should consider their personal needs, profession, and plan colors carefully.

Most headboards available are made of either wood or metal. In choosing a
Feng Shui bed headboard, metal construction is usually beneficial to those
in an office profession, though the use of wood can be grounding and stable.
Since wood is of the earth, people of these elements would want to choose a
headboard of this type. Overall, the shape of the headboard is often more
important than its material.

There are other aspects of a Feng Shui headboard to keep in mind. Those
styles that are made with an open design are not suggested in the Feng Shui
practice. They are not considered to be supportive. The use of mirrors in a
headboard breaks into your energy fields and are not the best choice. Also
stay away from designs that include poisoned arrows. A poison arrow is
anything that has a point on it or has a sharp element that points at you.
Anything that symbolizes violence or negative energy should be avoided.
For this reason, don’t choose a headboard that in any way resembles a
tombstone. It brings up thoughts of death. The final headboard style to stay
away from is one with crosses in the design. It is considered good Feng Shui
to have a bed headboard with a design that includes x’s.

The use of footboards in choosing a bed style in the Feng Shui tradition is clear.
The footboard must not stand higher than the mattress of the bed. If it does, it can
block positive chi from reaching the person during their rest time. In picking your
Feng Shui bed, it is very important not to choose a style that will interfere with the
positive energy flow of the home and bedroom.

The placement of the bed is vital to a successful Feng Shui bed choice. If possible
the bed should not be placed next to a window. It is thought that the energy flows
out of it. For this reason, the bed should be placed against a solid wall. Also avoid
putting the bed on a wall that is connected with the bathroom. Other places to avoid are placing the bed under a fan and directly in front of the bedroom door. It is also important as with all areas in a Feng Shui home to keep the bedroom free of clutter.

Clutter can disrupt the natural flow of chi. The placement of other bedroom furniture
is important as well. Do not put a dresser at the foot of the bed. Once again it disturbs the flow of energy and may cause health issues. Always place the bedroom light to the side of the bed. It is thought that a light directly over the bed is disruptive to sleep. The same applies for clocks. They should be positioned to the side of the bed. It is important not to put them directly in front of or behind the bed’s occupant.

Many people choose to make use of Feng Shui in their children’s bedrooms as well. The same principles apply for little ones as adults. The Feng Shui philosophy doesn’t promote the use of bunk beds however. The child on the bottom bunk will have their energy limited by the presence of the top bed. For the child sleeping on the top bunk, the support bars around the mattress disturb their chi. If at all possible, place children in single beds of their own.

Be sure the Feng Shui bed you choose is in relation to your personal element and is properly placed in the bedroom. The positive chi will be a huge benefit in enhancing your life.