Saturday, September 20, 2008

Windows to better Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the windows of your house are the eyes of your home.

The doors are the "mouths". Windows allow you to look out, and breathe in Chi, or vital energy. Windows also let in the welcome warmth and sunshine - the Tang Chi.

If you have a room that has too much yin and is dark, foreboding, and depressing, install an extra window if possible, or make an existing window opening larger. If renovations to your windows are not possible, you can paint the room a sunlight yellow or hang a mirror opposite a window to "create" another window. Other enlivening elements include bright colors, lights, crystals, flowers and plants. Wherever possible have two windows that open in each room. From a practical point of view, this creates cross ventilation and a more even distribution of light and Chi.

Privacy is vital to a sense of well being. Make sure that your window coverings, plants or ornaments screen the inside of your home. If "poison arrows" of negative Sha Chi are aiming towards your house - such as pointy rooftops, corners of buildings, etc - it is best to place a plant, vase or statue on your windowsill to help prevent the negative Sha Chi from entering. The very best cure is an octagonal Bagua Mirror which will bounce the negative energy away from your home.

A good view is even better Feng Shui. It not only serves to increase the value of a property but brings about Sheng Chi (the most auspicious Chi). If you have a blank wall outside of your windows, this will generate negative Sha Chi. Plant some colorful flowers, creeping vines, or shrubbery. Install window boxes and fill them with cheery flowers. Spring for pretty curtains, and other smart decorating details which can detract from even the most gloomy outlook. You might consider install "faux" stained glass windows (decorative window film from Home Depot - $19.97) to block an ugly view. They not only let light in, they are colorful and gorgeous.

Your windows are your outlook on life.

Your doors, on the other hand, are the "mouths" of your home.

There is generally a suggested ratio of "eyes" to "mouths" (windows to doors). If you think about it, you certainly wouldn't want to have 5 mouths to every pair of eyes! This would mean that the occupants of the house would constantly be bickering, yelling, and fighting. Do a quick count and see what you're working with.

Go outside to the street and make your way towards your door. Is it easy to find or do you have to meander around the side of the house looking for it? Does it feel safe? Is it well lit at night? Does it look appealing or scary? Does the door look happy or tired? Is it greeting people, or is it saying "Go away," or "I’ve got something to hide," or "My owner doesn’t care about me."

Here are some quick tips for creating a great "mouth" for your house:

Moving objects (flags, whirligigs, etc.), sounds (chimes) and color (fresh coat of paint or colorful flowers) can easily attract people and chi toward a door. Shiny objects can catch the eye of guests too. A fountain outside the door is the ultimate. Face it - everyone's #1 gripe is not being able to see house numbers at night!

A red door (I suggest "Heritage Red" by Benjamin Moore - a classic beauty) can be used to welcome guests. Believe it or not, homes with red doors get broken into much less often than homes without red doors. A red door says "My owner cares about me - so watch out!".

Bonus House Tip of the Month:
Check ALL doors for squeaks, and stickiness. Use WD40 to banish squeaks and sand down sticky doors as necessary. Don’t forget closet and cabinet doors! Anything that doesn't work in your home represents your life not working. Don't let these things go!