Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How Bathroom can affect your wealth in feng shui

Many people in America do not understand the importance of keeping the bathroom door closed and the toilet lid down. Europeans and Asians have no problem with keeping their bathroom doors closed. Whether in your home, office or business, this is one of the most important elements for having and keeping wealth.

The Chinese say you flush your wealth away if you do not keep the bathroom door closed and the toilet lid down. The Bathroom is a water element, so blue and green colors are good to be placed there. The bathroom should never have red in it as the fire energy conflicts with the water element.

The bathroom should never be placed in the wealth section of the home (the Southeast section). I once conducted a feng shui for a lady in Southern California. When her husband remodeled their house, he added an extra bathroom in the wealth section. Shortly after remodeling, he went bankrupt. She told me he died a short time later from the trauma because he could not handle being in that position.

It is very important to keep the bathroom door closed at all times, but especially if you have a bathroom that adjoins your bedroom. If there is no door, only an entrance, hide the doorway with a curtain or screen. A lot of modern homes are made with no bathroom doors.