Friday, February 23, 2007

Dining in the Round is Beneficial to Relationships.

The dining room should be centrally located in the home in order to ensure an abundance of good ch’i energy. Food is important in keeping you healthy and happy.

Round, oval and octagonal tables are more beneficial than square or rectangular tables, as there are no sharp edges to separate people. If you have a square table, try to get one with rounded corners. The dining room should be well lit, with pictures placed on the wall that are relaxing to look at and soothing to the nerves.

Eating in a quiet place, or a place containing soft music, is very good for digesting your food. A crystal chandelier placed over the table ensures sparkling ch’i energy. At one time, everyone used crystal for chandeliers, but with the passing of time, crystal has often been replaced with other materials. They hold no value now from a feng shui point of view, unless, of course, they are crystal. The dining room is one of the best places for a large mirror. This “doubles” the food (abundance) and ensures good ch’i. However, mirrors should never be placed so that they cut the heads off of you or your guests. The mirror should cover one wall of the dining room, and mirrored squares should be avoided.