Sunday, January 7, 2007

Living Room

As mentioned earlier, the ideal entrance to your living room should open from a foyer. When the front door opens directly into the living room, a buffer is needed to slow down the fast flowing energy from the entrance to your home.

You should choose colors for your living room that are beneficial to your Kua number and direction or that suit your overall harmony. I recently did a Feng Shui for a lady who was a West person that had a green sofa and love seat in her home. If she would have read this book or consulted with me before buying the sofa she would have known that green is the worst color for her to use. Her whole living room was green. She immediately went out and bought gold covers and saw an improvement with her life soon after. Her business improved tremendously.

Place green plants around the room, but balance them with other things. Your furniture should be spacious, uncluttered and pleasing to the eye. Paintings should be warm and inviting. Never have cactus in your home. Cactus is the worst kind of plant you can have in your home. They are very unlucky. Try to keep a nice bouquet of fresh flowers near the entrance to the house. People feel immediately at ease when they see fresh flowers. This is the reason you always see fresh flowers in restaurants or in the lobbies of hotels.

Your living room should be fresh and have a feeling of being lived in. So many families have family rooms they use instead of their living rooms, saving the living room for special occasions. Rooms in your home that are unused accumulate stagnant energy and detract from an otherwise balanced home.